Your Website

Your Website

Is Your Website Enhancing your Brand?

Now more than ever your website plays a critical role in your brand identity and often acts as a first impression with prospective customers. Does your website accurately portray the image of your company you want to present?

Is Your Website Optimized?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so important it should be a top priority for ongoing management of your website. A highly optimized website will outrank your competition for the keyword phrases used by potential customers when they are searching the internet for your types of products and services. Is your website optimized to produce the organic search traffic you need to grow your business?

Will your visitors have an engaging experience on your website?

A website acts as a great way to introduce your products and services to potential customers. Your website should be up to date with the latest technology for mobile responsive design and optimized for speed and functionality. If not, your visitors may be leaving your site for more user-friendly information.

Visia Marketing has a team of web experts to help grow your business.

We start by designing and developing a site that enhances your brand and engages with your audience. Then we perform keyword research to identify the longtail keyword phrases that are most likely to be entered into a search engine to find your specific products or services. We write clean source code for your site with world-class optimization, including keyword density, title tags, semantic coding, hyperlinks and more.

Search Engine Marketing

If your website is not yet large enough or linked enough to outrank your competition, then we can employ cost-effective search engine marketing strategies to make sure your website ranks with page one positioning on Google, Bing, and other search engines. Our Pay-Per-Click advertising programs consistently yield a profitable return on investment for our clients.